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The following are the members of the Clay High Alumni & Friends Association's Hall of Fame. (The photos appear in order of the names listed below, left to right. Example, Nancy Bricker is first photo, then Chuck Neal, Ted Federici, and James F. O'Brien, etc.)

The first inducted members in 2004 were Nancy Bricker (Clay 1948), Chuck Neal (Clay 1958), Ted Federici, and James F. O'Brien.

In 2005, Josephine Fassett and Henry Spring were inducted.

In 2006, Dr. Matthew Arquette (Clay 1978), Loren Dirr, and Robert Schultz (Clay 1937) were inducted.

In 2007, Colonel William Duke (Clay 1956) and Bert Flietz were inducted.

In 2008, Dr. Robert Culver (Clay 1944) and William Frederick (Clay 1954) were inducted.

In 2009, Danny Anderson and Thomas Cooney were inducted.

In 2010, Betty Carstensen and Jeffery B. Keller (Clay 1977) were inducted.

In 2011, William Coontz and Major Alan Mascsak (Clay 1970) were inducted.

In 2012, Marge Brown (Clay 1955) and Larry Morgan were inducted.

In 2013, Doug Ensign (Clay 1957) and Jim Routson (Clay 1957) were inducted.

In 2014, Ray Walendzak (Clay 1959) and Tom Walton (Clay 1961) were inducted.

In 2015, Marilynne Shanks Ellery (Clay 1941) and Bill Hughes (Clay 1975) were inducted.

In 2016, Carl Hudecek (Clay 1952) and Robert Susor (Clay 1963) were inducted.

In 2017, Dr. Thomas Keller (Clay 1968) and Kathy McGrady (Clay 1975) were inducted.
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